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Providence Convent School at Pachore is run by the Sisters of St. Agata, a Catholic religious institution for women and children, founded centuries back in 1820 by a pious lady Mother Victoria Giorni in Genova, Italy. Providence has its humble beginning at pachore at the proposal of his Excellency Mar John Perumattam of Ujjain eparchy in 1987.
Not education but character is man’s greatest need and man’s greatest safe guard:- Herbert Spencer.
Education is a matter of serious discussions and great concern in post modern life. It is a prolonged process that stretches from birth to death. A formal education begins with schooling and through various transformations make the upcoming generation confident of its entity and existence.
School is central to provide a direction and decide a dimention to the pontential of a child. A school that aims at the allround development of a child plays the most prominent role in the fortunes of a child. The positive character and creactive career of children is always an asset to a nation and helps in the process of nation building.
Providence Convent School is a highligt in pachore in the precesses and dynamics of modern eduction. In conformity with the concepts of co-eduction it has arranged a well- planned and well -equipped curriculum incorported to the CBSE pattern .When the traditioanal and superflows educational practices seemed to be inadiquate and inefficient in the formation of a good and creative citizenship, providence school came up as a unique school system in the educational scenario of pachore. Its uncompromising attitude to quality and value based eduation soon brought reputation to it as an ideal school institution. Realizing the importance of moral values in character formation of the students, due attention is given for imparting and inculcating moral ethics and etiquettes so that it may create a generation with social commitment and national fervour.
Apart from a solid infrastructure the school has attained success in building up a mightly superstructure by combining Scholastic, Co- Scholastic and CO- curricular activities in their right proportions. The school environment is proved to be congenial to the physical, mental and moral development of the children to their creative manifestations. The values, ethics and patterns imparted are greatly supportive to the formation of a society based on prosperity,peace and harmony


Rationality differentiate man and animals. He has the capacity to judge what is good and what is bad. Therefore man is the highest mode of existence on earth. The rationality of man is the result of education and the degree of rationality.
It gives me immense pleasure to highlight our school run by the society of Sisters of St. Agata, a Christian Minarity Institution, in the service of the society of Pachore and its proximity. I am certain that the vision, mission and motto of the insititution is in line with the objectives of the creation of an integrated society by peaceful co-existence and productive potential. Added effort and daring attempt to explore and venture out into the unknown is prerequisite to reach this aim. A system of education based on human face can materialize the required qualities of love, kindness, sympathy, generosity, tolerance, mutuality etc. These in turn create a rational human being who is able to choose between good and evil for a desirable transformation of life to its fullness.