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  1. Students shall be regular and punctual for the school and once inside the school compound, permission of the principal is required to move out of the compound during the working hours.
  2. Every student is expected to keep up the good name of the school by his/ her good work and behavior. Disobedience, or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, justifies dismissal on the spot. In less serious cases two official warning will be given to the student before the final step is taken, which may be taken at any time.
  3. Neatness in writing, personal and general cleanliness and courtesy of speech are emphasized. Therefore spilling of ink, scribbing on school desks or walls, stealing or damaging other students belongings will be severely dealt with.
  4. Mal practice done in any examination will not be tolerated and severe punishment will be given to such students.
  5. The progress card will be shown to parents every second Saturday of every month in school.

Leave and Absence

  1. Leave absence will be given for serious reasons only. If a student is absent due to illness or any other reasons , a note from parents or guardian testifying the fact must be presented to the teacher.
  2. Absence of students from class for merely family , social functions is entirely discouraged and the school does not hold itself responsible for a student who suffers in his/her daily progress for lack of strict adherence to attendance rules.

First Bell: 7:45 am
This is the Study Bell. All the children who have arrived at school are expected to get into their classes, and study. No one is allowed to loiter about in the varanda or grounds after the first bell.
Second Bell: 7:55am (Silence time)
Third Bell :8:00 am (Assembly / Prayer)

  1. Punctuality:- All the children must be present in the school by 7:30am. They should attend the Morning Assembly / Prayer
  2. At the warning bell all must proceed to where it summons them, without delay. After the 2nd bell children should keep perfect silence
  3. Late Comers will not be allowed to attend the first period. Consequently they will lose a day's attendance.
  1. Water taps should be closed after using them.
  2. Switch off lights and fans when you leave the class.
  1. 5. The liability of any damage done by the student to school property is on the parent or the guardian who has to pay for it within 15 days.
  2. 6. Except in language classes hindi, Sanskrit only English must be spoken in the school.
  3. 7. When special classes are being taken by the teachers to complete the portions, attendance is compulsory. Any child who is absent for it will have to produce valid reasons for their absence.
  4. 8. Use of Telephone:-
  1. Avoid phone calls to the convent during the prayer hours.
    (5.00am to 7.15am and 6.30pm to 8.00pm)
  2. Students may not be summoned to answer telephone telephone calls while attending class.
  1. 9. School Uniforms:
  1. Children student of class up to 5 are permitted to wear coloured dresses on their birthdays
  2. Girls should plait their hair neatly.
  3. Gold ornaments and other personal decorative article are strictly prohibited.

To Parents

  1. Home is the first school of a child and parents are the first teachers.
  2. Parents should not pay much heed to the complaints of the children, but should try to inculcate in them respect , love and admiration for their teachers , authorities and management , and inspire them to maintain discipline and honesty.
  3. Parents should carefully study the regulation about absence from school and obsrve them faithfully.
  4. The parents cannot claim or dictate on matters of admission , dismissal and promotion of a student.
  5. Parents are requested to make their complaints , if any , directly to the school authorities and not to the teachers.
  6. Parents, guardians or any other persons are not allowed to see the students or interview their teachers during school hours without the permission of principal.
  7. Criticism of a student’s teacher in his/her presence should be seriously avoided, because it causes the student to lose his /her respect for his/her teacher with the consequent failure to learn from his/her.
  8. The progress card will be shown to parents every second Saturday of every month in school.