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About Us

Providence Convent School at Pachore is run by the Sisters of St. Agata, a Catholic religious institution for women and children, founded centuries back in 1820 by a pious lady Mother Victoria Giorni in Genova, Italy. Providence has its humble beginning at pachore at the proposal of his Excellency Mar John Perumattam of Ujjain eparchy in 1987. Our school building occupied a rented house with just seven students. As the school flourished we shifted it to our newly built edifice 3km. away from Pachore township near Dultaria village by the NH3 linking Agra and Mumbai. The school has a healthy surroundings filled with trees free from the bustle of the city.
The first principal Sr. Agnes along with Sr. Victoria had to pass through a long period of struggles in bringing up the school from its infancy. Rev. Fr. Peter Vattappara MST, the then parish priest gave us enormous support and guidance, especially for planning and supervising the construction of the new school building. We also remember with gratitude His Excellency Mar John Perumattam whose paternal love and affection that made us bold to stay in and continue our mission.
The school is affiliated to central Board of secondary Education in 2010. It has classes from Nursery to X standard. The curriculum is structured to meet and maintain high academic standard. It aims at drawing out the best in a person. We help the formation of children in the harmonious development of their physical, mental and moral powers so as to make them good citizens. The sprit of love, selflessness and dicated service to God, fellowmen and nation are the characteristic marks of the staff and students of Providence. The school has a good numbers of staff members whose endeavours are successful in bringing out the best in each child. Now Providence has successfully completed its 30 years of glorious service in the field of education.
Most of our alumni are well placed in and out of our country, bringing in fame and glory to their alma-mater.
Admission in the school is opened for all irrespective of caste, creed and gender.

Our Foundress

Our foundress Mother Victoria Giorni was born in 1793 in Geneva Italy. Having lost her mother in the childhood itself, she was brought up by her father Nicolo Giorni in true faith. As she had special devotion to Mother Mary, she pleaded her intercession in each and every trouble. Though born in a rich family she was compassionate and merciful to the poor, the sick and the marginalized. At that time Italy was in an economi crisis, due to constant wars. Seeing the misery around her, she started taking care of orphan girls. Many young girls were attracted towards and joined her in this noble ministry of caring and educati them. It has been beyond belief that once mother mary appeared to her when she was ill and healed her. It motivated her towards a religious life.
The socio political situation in Italy during that time was quite uncertain and the state of economy was unstable. So the congregation concentrated on helping the needy, feeding the poor and educating the abandoned girls.
In the beginning the congregation was a semi cloistered religious order, consisted of only four members. It flourished in prayer and service and the number of members increased. It became a religious institute in 1984. Today our congregation renders its service in many countries.


The vision behind school institution is manifested perfection of the dimensions of human life.


The mission is socialization upholding etiquette by imparting true knowledge in a tenacious and transperant way.


The motto of our school is Seek Ye Wisdom. It is an un interrupted and unceased search for true and perpetual wisdom.

Our Inspiration

Mother Natalina Angela Rappallini- She is our sole inspiration and soure of energy. She was our Mother General from 1981 to 1986, who began our mission in India.
Angela was born as the eldest daughter of Mr. Robert and Mrs. Maria in 1935 in Italy. During her younger days, Italy was in a socio- political and economic crisis, moving towards the second world war. It was a time of utter poverty, fear and tension. She was brilliant, able and generous even from her childhood and had deep faith in God. The world war II positively hit her young mind. She dedicated herself to serve the poor for the sake of the risen Lord. At the age of 18 she joined the congregation of St. Agata in 1953.
She had always cherished a desire to be a missionary. She had written in her diary about Mahatma Gandhi, who inspired her deeply and wanted to visit India and to do something for the Indians in the name of the lord. This prompted her to visit India. She had a deep sense of love for the children and spent most of her time for them conversing, directing and moulding them into better christioans and responsible citizens. She was very fond of old people and made friendship with everyone whom she came across.
She was proposed to be the Mother General in 1981. She rejected this position and accepted it only under obedience to take up this responsibility. When she was elected the Mother General of our congregation, we got a new vigour, vitality and enthusiasm due to her sanctity, mission and vision .
Our great dream of working in India came true when his Excellency Dr. Mar. John Perumattom, the then Eparch of Ujjain invited us to join his mission. Thus, our long cherished dream became a reality and in consultation with him we chose Pachore as it was found the suitable place.
Our mother general expressed her desire to visit us in 1986 . since it was extremely hot, we refused her proposal to visit the mission stations during summer. But unfortunarality before our letter of refuasal reached her she had left for India. It happened to be her last visit to us.
Mahatma Gandhi, The father of our nation, was a figure who attracted her life so deeply. She expressed her long Chaeridhed desire to visit the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi. We did not encourage it, but she kept on insisting . At the tomb we saw her extremely happy and her eyes were filled with tears .
Once we left Agra, she had slight fever and suddenly it grew and she became unconscious. She was hospitalized at Dholpur . But all human efforts were nothing before the plan of God. Our beloved Mother left us alone and went to the heavenly abode for her eternal reward. Her sudden demise was due to the sun storke. Her mortel body was carried to Ujjain and buried in the cemetery chapal in Ujjain and transferred to our own convent chapal at Pachore on 16th june 2011.
Thus our beloved Mother General , a Very simple and dedicated nun, a great inspiration got merged with us in our own soil.